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Top 10: Party To-Do

Party with Original IcedFor those who enjoy nothing more than a good booty shake on the dance floor, and the accompanying alcoholic indulgence, clubbing is a social priority.

However, it often helps to shake things up a bit, especially if partying at the same club every week has made your clubbing life routine, and slightly monotonous.

Original Iced has three great classic cocktails to add to the party and add some variety!

To vary the pace of your weekend, and to diversify your party style, try the following Top 10:

  1. Have pre-drinks at a hotel bar
  2. Have sundowners by the sea/in a park
  3. Support local music and go to a live gig
  4. Drink interestingly- named shots and classic Original Iced cocktail!
  5. Request your favourite song from the DJ
  6. Dance with wild abandon with an Original Iced in hand!
  7. Get a cab with your friends
  8. Go sing karaoke - its not embarrassing if everyone does it!
  9. Head to a cigar lounge for drinks and comfy leather chairs
  10. Spend the night at a bar drinking Original Iced!


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