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Top 5 Girl/Guy Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines GiftIt’s that time of year again. The time when those in love are eagerly planning a special night out, and a day filled with (or without) the cheesy stuffed bears, heart shaped foil balloons and tacky pop up cards. It’s the time when singles, even the most cynical of them, are secretly wondering whether there will be a red sparkly surprise waiting on their doorstep comes February 14th. It is of course, almost time for Valentines Day.


Commercialism and cheap Chinese production have definitely milked this holiday for all it is worth- not to say that everyone doesn’t enjoy getting a gift on V-day, even if it is something corny. However, regardless of your marital status, take some time out to treat someone, or yourself for that matter, to a little something special.

With the endless number of “Best Valentines Day Gifts” lists on the internet (that really all say the same thing), it is time someone came up with a bit more practical. So here are some gift ideas with a little more originality and usefulness- whether you are buying for guys or girls. Think of it as the “Top 5 gifts for Valentines Day”- with an edge.

TOP 5: Gifts for the Guys

1. Experiential gifts are good. If your guy is the active kind, sponsor a kayaking or adventure trip for the two of you to do together.
2. Massage voucher. Any guy who hasn’t had the opportunity to enjoy a good rub down definitely should!
3. Gadgets. From IT gizmos to something ridiculous, all men are really boys who love to play with toys.
4. Cigars. They go well with poker and whiskey. Help your man stock up for his next boys’ night and get him some tasty tobacco to smoke on.
5. Racecar Driving School. Perfect for the guy who spent his childhood years on the floor with Scalextric, and dreamed of becoming a Formula One racer.

TOP 5: Gifts for Girlies

1. Every girl loves a trip to the salon, so buy your special lady some downtime with a beautician. Whether it is to do her nails, or get a facial, all girls like getting pretty.
2. Girly magazine subscription. Cosmo, ELLE, Glamour. There are just so many magazines that a girl would love to buy monthly, but can’t always afford to.
3. A butterfly orchid plant. Beautiful, and longer lasting than a bunch of red roses, these pretty flowers are the perfect choice for your girl.
4. Make something. Even if you think you are useless in the creativity department, taking the time out to even do something as simple as making her dinner will often be the perfect gift- and more alone time with you!
5. Order an Original Iced packaged cocktail trio. With a selection of three delicious flavours, and 100 points for convenience, it is a wonder that no one thought of this before. For more information about this innovative product, and how to order it, visit You will also find some delicious, slushy cocktail recipes on the site- a sure way to impress any Cosmo-loving party girl.