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Top 5 Things To Do On Your Bachelorette's
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This pre-wedding celebratory event is growing in popularity, so much so that it is rivalling the notoriety of the stereotypical bachelor bash. However, as girls always know how to have our own fun, whether it is hiring a male dancer to “do a little dance’, or getting all our girls together for some pampering, there are many ways to celebrate your hen’s night in style, so here are the Top 5 things to do for your bachelorette

Pole Dancing Party

While your man and his friends are potentially watching some pole-dancing of their own, why not get your girls together and learn some tricks from the best. An outside instructor will come and demonstrate some moves in the privacy of your own home, and you can do it in your comfortable track pants with nothing but your friends for an audience. You will awaken your inner goddess with this sensual and fun bonding activity, and give your entire body an intense muscle workout too!

Karaoke Party

Everyone loves to sing, whether in the shower, or in their car alone to their favourite radio track. So why not get your friends together for a night of belting out old eighties tunes like “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and some Spice Girl songs, with ample girly cocktails? This night of “empty orchestra” craziness is bound to push everyone out their comfort zone and get everyone to laugh and get a bit silly. Suitable for all ages and stages, you can hire a mobile karaoke team to set up at your home or favourite restaurant, and get ready to sing the night away!

Male Dancers

For girls who don’t want to be left out on the scantily-clad fun, there are always male strippers to flaunt their chiselled abs for you and your girlfriends. Exclusive male strip clubs like “Teaze-Hers” in Johannesburg provide male dance shows for the ladies, and can cater for large groups. Otherwise there is always a private way to have someone come over to your house to show your friends a good time. The man at the door in the policeman outfit might not be a law-enforcement officer after all…

Pamper Party

Pamper your self with manicures, pedicures and massages, courtesy of a mobile Pamper Party team from companies specializing in Hen Nights and Bachelorette Parties, like Miss Behaviour. Get all your friends to relax in their pyjamas or comfortable clothes, and enjoy a night of beauty indulgence, perhaps with some girly chick flicks thrown in for some added entertainment, not forgetting some alcoholic enjoyment! Make your own drinks, or keep it simple with ready-made Pina Colada, Daiquiri or Margarita cocktail mix from frozen drinks company Original Iced. Visit their website www.originaliced.co.za and order a stash of ready made cocktails, so your ladies always have a delicious slushy drink in hand the whole evening.

Themed Party

Try a themed Bachelorette party. You as the bride should be the centre of attention, and wear an outfit to suit the particular theme. Costumes can be rented from your closest costume hire, and ideas include dressing up like a bunny for a naughty Playboy themed party, or a sexy harem princess/Karma Sutra theme, where all the guests sit on silk cushions on the floor- with the option of belly dancing lessons. Parties can also be themed around gifts, such as a lingerie party where each guest buys a set of sexy underwear for you. Or go for the traditional kitchen tea party, where everyone brings gifts for your home.

So whatever you decide to do to celebrate your last night out on the town as a single girl, make sure you at least make it fun and memorable. With ample resources online, and plenty of people in the wedding planning business eager to help you out, there is no excuse not to have a blast at your Bachelorette’s!

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