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Top 5 Things To Do On Your Bachelors
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One of the most eagerly anticipated events before the big day, the bachelor party has a notorious reputation for being a wild, last night out on the town with strippers in tow. Dancing ladies are still a popular choice, but there are also many other more original ways to celebrate before the wedding with your boys. So in the spirit of having your last bit of fun as a single guy, here are the Top 5 things to do for your bachelor party.


Scantily-clad women dancing for men on their bachelor party night has been a firm favourite in recent memory, especially thanks to several Hollywood films, where bachelor parties are notorious for chaos, drinking and strip clubs. Many testosterone-driven best men would agree that this is the only way to go to celebrate the groom’s last night as a single man, and there are companies that will organise a night of fun for you and your mates. They will book your table, get you in for free and even get you an optional bachelor show on stage, if you should so desire.

Dirty Carting and Paintball

Getting dirty and driving at speed to outrace your mates on a dirt rally track is proving to be one of the most popular choices for contemporary bachelor parties. There are several venues that will organise everything, including the option of a boerie or spit braai and dancing ladies to join you later at the venue if you like. Full safety equipment is provided to prevent some injuries, and you also play some paintball afterwards too- just in case you didn’t get enough time speeding, you get to practice your stealth skills and play hard combat with your friends.


In keeping with the more activity centred bachelor party, why not opt for a more fun activity like beach volleyball or touch rugby? Revive cherished memories of playing fly-half for the high school first team and get your friends to sweat of their beer bellies and play some ruggas, or get some attention while showing off your abs and your moves on the volleyball court. Why not throw in a braai on the side, and maybe some dancers too if you’re still keen. If you don’t live near the beach, indoor soccer or cricket could also provide the same manly bonding activity. If your friends are not the buff type, rent some sumo wrestler suits and get them to battle it out all dressed in padded suits. This is guaranteed to provide some laughs.

Booze Cruise

Organise a mantastic summer day out, and hire a booze cruise boat to sail around the coast, or your nearest dam. You and your friends will be out on the water, and they will be free to embarrass you as much as possible. While knocking back a few you can admire the scenery, and drink and laugh the day through, while some meat is happily smoking over the coals.

If you have more refined taste, why not hire a barman to mix you up some tasty cocktails, or buy a stash of your own from frozen drinks from Johannesburg-based company Original Iced. Original Iced will delivery to you, and offer three cocktail flavours, namely Pina Colada, Daiquiri and Margarita. All you need to do is keep the frozen cocktail pouches on ice for a while, crush them up, and enjoy the delicious slushiness. To add a twist on the cocktails, try out the cocktail recipes on their website http://www.originaliced.co.za/. The yummy cocktails will get all your friends happy in no time, and could be a potentially refreshing change when the ice melts in the cooler box and all the beers are warm. If you are not one for the outdoors, however, there is always the option of a booze party bus, that will take you around town to nightclubs if that is more your style.

Weekend Away

What better way to bond and spend some quality time with your mates, than taking a road trip and spending a few nights away from everything. Book a few bungalows out in the bush or up the coast, or rough it out camping style. If you are keen for a more upmarket getaway, you could always hire out some hotel rooms, go down to bar and max and relax by the pool for the weekend. Don't forget to bring the beer, and some Original Iced frozen cocktails to rival the mixology skills of the resident barman. Wherever you live there will be ample opportunities for group orientated resorts that will cater for big groups. The best bet would be to find a place that offers outdoor activities, like river rafting or quad biking, so you can balance out the heavy nights of boozing with some adrenaline-rush inducing activity.

So whether you decide to have a night out on the town, jamming with your friends or an outdoor adventure with your boys, be sure to show your friends, and yourself, an awesome time. Whether it is cocktails or beer, booze cruises or party buses, do some groundwork, then kick back and enjoy your Bachelor Party!

Sources: www.celebration.co.za & www.bachelorparty.co.za

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