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The Perfect Valentines Dinner with Original Iced

Imagine a beautifully secluded spot; a table set for two, lit with the warm glow of candlelight. It is just you and your partner, and all that lies ahead of you is an evening of quiet conversation, whispered nothings and genuine loved-up Valentine bliss.

Who could imagine a better combination for the perfect Valentines Day dinner? With the addition of drinks of course, the above setting could be the way you celebrate this year. Even for those singles out there, there is no excuse not to celebrate either- the party location may just have to increase to contain all the wild antics of your party-loving friends.


Now, thanks to innovative company Original Iced, you will be able to host the most fabulous dinner party- with the addition of their delicious pre-packaged cocktails. With three delectable flavours to choose from, namely Margarita, Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri, you will have the ideal alcoholic addition to your romantic repast. And, to help you out, Original Iced has come up with some perfectly simple, delectable dinner recipes that partner the unique flavours of each of their delectably slushy cocktails.


If you like the tangy lemony taste of Margaritas, try whipping up a Hispanic feast for your lover (or friends). Since Margarita’s are traditionally Mexican, pair up the delicious Original Iced cocktail with some taco’s .Simple and easy, all you need to do is get some ripe avocado, taco’s (available at most supermarkets), salad ingredients, and some minced beef.


Recipe One: Tasty Taco’s


Good with Original Iced MargaritaBrown the mince with some chilli and cumin until it is cooked through (but not too crumbly). Cut up the avocado, the cucumber and tomato then pile all the ingredients into the taco shells. Top with some cheese if you like, serve, and enjoy the flavour combination of the spicy mince and the citrusy twang of the Margarita’s.

For the more sophisticated out there, the sweet berry flavour of Original Iced Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail is probably more suited to your taste. The slightly bittersweet taste of the rum cocktail works brilliantly paired with creamy-based pasta dishes, or with seafood. So why not whip up some traditional Fettuccine Alfredo, or a yummy creamy prawn pasta dish.


Recipe Two: Sultry Seafood Spaghetti

Good with Original Iced Pina ColadaFry up some chilli, garlic and ginger in a pan with some oil for a few minutes, then add the prawns. After the prawns have cooked for a little while, add some chopped tomato and grated lemon zest, then some low-fat cream. Leave the sauce to thicken. While the sauce is saucing up, cook the spaghetti. Top the pasta with the prawn sauce, and serve- while relishing the delicious daiquiri/creamy flavour blend.

If your idea of bliss is sucking a velvety cocktail out of a coconut shell, then the milky pineapple/rum flavour of Original Iced Piña Colada cocktail is for you. The official drink of Puerto Rico, this island inebriator is best served with something zesty to offset the heavy creaminess. Perfectly suited to the flavours of a slushy Original Iced Piña Colada cocktail is an Asian dish, like Thai curry.


Recipe Three: Spicy Thai Surprise

Good with Original Strawberry DaiquiriIf you are a culinary purist, you can make the curry paste from scratch (for recipes visit Or, if you are looking for the easy way out, buy a bottle of prepared Thai curry paste (available at most stores) and cook it up with some reduced fat coconut milk and some vegetables/meat. Simmer the curry on a low-heat then cook up some fragrant jasmine rice, or noodles. Spoon the curry onto the starch when cooked and serve with a squeeze of lime juice to complement the pineapple zing of the Piña Colada’s.


With a choice of the above recipes and cocktail combinations, there is no reason you cannot enjoy a sumptuous romantic feast on the 14th of February. For more information on how to order enough Original Iced cocktails before V-Day, visit