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Original Iced BraaiWhen the weather is warm, or cold for that matter, there is nothing more relaxing and sociable than getting your friends together for a barbeque. In the summertime, a braai often involves a fair amount of drinking, so why not make your barbequed meal more interesting by offering your friends a selection of delicious frozen cocktails instead of the usual beer or cider?

Original Iced has a range of three delectable cocktail varieties, from the tangy, tart Margarita, to creamy Piña Colada and scrumptious Strawberry Daiquiri. With a choice of these three classic and popular cocktail flavours, your friends will be laughing and having a jol around the pool, or fire, in no time. You can even mix the cocktails with juice and fresh fruit to put a twist on the already yummy flavours of Original Iced pre-packaged cocktails.

Original Iced is conveniently packaged, so you won’t have to mess or fuss with cocktail shakers or crushing ice in cumbersome ice crushing machines. All you need to do is freeze the pouches for a while in your freezer, then crush the mixture and pour the smooth cocktail mix into cocktail glasses to keep the socializing going for all hours.

Original Iced frozen cocktails are easy to prepare, and if you stock up on several pouches, you can have cocktails on tap. To make your braai even more enjoyable, you can recreate a bar atmosphere in your own home, with snazzy cocktail glasses, and fun drinking games for everyone to enjoy.


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